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About Us

360 Recovery Zone is a multidisciplinary therapy centre which offers Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Athletic Therapy treatments out of the CANAM Strength and Crossfit 1855 facilities. 

Every client at 360 Recovery Zone is treated as an athlete – whatever their definition of athlete is. Whether that be fit enough to play soccer with children, hitting weight lifting goals, committed enough to run a marathon, athletic enough to win your age group in a triathlon or determined enough to perform at the Olympics and everything in between.

Our team of trained therapists will help you reach your full fitness potential or fully recover from injury by identifying the root cause of your pain or dysfunctions and institute effective treatment plans to reach full recovery. We communicate with coaches and other medical professionals to complete the picture of 360 degree care, leaving no gaps. We integrate rehabilitation with performance improvement analysis to work on making you the best version of you - No matter your level of activity. 

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